Shooting Proms!

This year I got asked to shoot a few Proms and had a great time doing it. It was all the fun of shooting a wedding, capturing the wonderful dresses and hair, seeing the look on the parents faces as they see their Son/Daughter finish their secondary school years and enters adulthood, but on a […]

Pictures from Elsecar Railways Sentinel Gala 2017 In which A cast of Talented Local actors recreated the Naming ceremony of a famous local Engine William. The Engine William this year (2017) has Just been painstakingly restored by Elsecar Railway and its Volunteers. https://www.elsecarrailway.co.uk/ Location: Elsecar Railway Date: 26/03/2017 Photographer: Nicholas Teal www.nicholasteal.com  

This Video is to accompany a blog article I recently wrote about my trip to Malham to Photograph the sunrise. Click the link to read the blog about the perils of leaving VR switched on! (That blog post got 1400+ view) Cheers if you viewed it! This Video, of Myself and friend Ash, portrays the […]

Something a little different from me today, I finally grabbed my chance to photograph my neighbour Eddie!! His fantastic beard and overall image has been something that has intrigued me and I was desperate to offer to take his picture for Free to see what amaing images I could create using a new set up i am designing. .
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