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Whitby wedding at Hetty & Bettys

bride and groom, posing with Whitby abbey behind them

Mr & Mrs Kirklands Wedding started early in the morning with a registry Office Ceremony at 9:30 am; it was probably the earliest registry office wedding ceremony I have attended so far in my career haa.

But there was a very good reason for the ceremony to be so early. The couple had a packed wedding day ahead, sounded by their friends and family, at the place they love most in Whitby, with all the wedding events happening in their restaurant Hetty & Bettys.

In their words, the Whitby register office bit was just a small part of their wedding day main wedding ceremony/blessing would be held at Hetty & Betty’s cafe later on in the day.

bride and groom posing with a autumm tree behind them

Wedding Photos at Whitby Famos landmarks, the Whale Bones, And the famous Keyhole under the North Bank

After the register office service, it was time to get some wedding pictures next to Famos Whitby landmarks!

First up was the Whalebone Arch, located next to captain cooks monument, North Terrace, Whitby. We took some formal family photos here and the bride and groom shots.

Next up, we took a short walk to the famous keyhole to do some bride and groom posed wedding shots.

The Whitby Keyhole is an archway on the West Cliff that lines up perfectly with the East Cliff. It’s a very short walk from the Jawbone.

The Keyhole lines up perfectly so you can see St Mary’s Church up on the east cliff, across the harbour. It is a spectacular location for bride and groom photos.

The Whalebone Arch and the Keyhole are well worth seeing if you are in Whitby.

Hetty & Betty’s Wedding Ceremony

After the bride and groom’s wedding photoshoot On the West Cliff, it was time for the main ceremony in the ballroom at Hetty & Bettys.

This was the part of the wedding Mr & Mrs Kirkland was looking forward to the most, linking up with all their friends and family at Hetty and Bettys.

Hetty and Bettys is a restaurant right in the centre of Whitby on Baxtergate; It is perfect for small to medium size weddings and elopements!

The restaurant has a beautiful Ballroom upstairs that is perfect for weddings & events.

Wedding photography in Pannett Park

After Mr & Mrs K’s beautiful wedding service at Hetty & Bettys, the wedding party and I headed up to Pannett Park to do the formal family shots and the group shot.

Pannett Park is a beautiful park that’s a short walk from Hetty & Betty’s. I feel that one of those spots in Whitby gets overshadowed by the other landmarks around Whitby.

Back to Hetty & Bettys for the wedding breakfast and the evening events, including a fabulous performance by ………………….