Whitby and Yorkshire Heather

2nd September 2015


Today we had a trip to Whitby; the weather was perfect with some nice dramatic clouds in the sky. As a Yorkshire Man I love nothing more than a trip to the coast.  I was shooting with a few goals in mind. One was to try and take shots with lots of character whilst trying to capture as much colour as possible. The second was to take a full Panoramic shot of the harbour.

Interesting fact….The Heather you see on the Yorkshire Moors is only purple for 3 months of the year so it’s an absolute must see during this time!

whitby-aug-2015-75-Pano whitby-aug-2015KING OF THE ROAD-152 whitby-aug-2015SEA INCLIF-82 whitby-aug-2015WINDOW TO TOWER-83 whitby-augPOLEIN HAND-2015-108

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