What to do If The Weather Is Going Bad For Your Wedding Day

14th June 2020

The weather plays a big part in how your wedding day plays out! But let’s start with some facts. If it rains on your wedding day its not the end of the world! In fact, sometimes the weather can be a catalyst for some really creative and beautiful wedding pictures!

Let’s face it In Yorkshire or even the UK, in general, the weather does not always play ball! It can chuck it down for weeks at an end in the heart of the summer, It can be a perfect spring day in the middle of October ???
And it has been know to snow in April!
So let’s have a look at a few things that could help your wedding on a rainy day!

TIP 1, You can stand under my umbrella, Ella, Ella, eh, eh, eh

That’s right, I bet you never guessed of using an umbrella, did you?
Well on a serious note, Buying a job lot of umbrellas can really save your wedding! I have found really posh venues seem to have stacks of Umbrellas for wedding guest to use, BUT I have found them to be in really nasty UGGLY colours. So my advice would be to buy some plain white umbrellas. How many to get? Well, I would get an umbrella for each of your bridesmaids and each groomsman, around 10 is a good number!

Creative light image using flash, with the bride holding a umbrella with her two flower girls who are also holding up umbrellas
Creative Brolly work! Look at the little ladies very cute huh? 😍

TIP 2, Baby it’s cold outside……

My second tip is all about staying warm and looking good at the same time. If you are getting married in the winter or the cooler months, have a think about getting pashmina/shawl for you and your bridesmaids.

My personal favorite is matching blankets, they always look really cozy!

In this images the bride and groom and brides maids can be seen coming out of the church on a snowy day, snow is on the floor
Who remembers the beast from the east? Well this wedding was in the middle of it! Check out that snow!

TIP 3, These boots are made for walking…..

My third tip is about boots! Well not boots more Wellies, Get a pair if you don’t own any and the weather is going to be unsettled! A pair of cute wellies will stop your wedding shoes from getting ruined, obviously, if you are getting married in the city center, there is no need but you knew that already didn’t you haa

Image of my son wearing some wellies , as i do not  have a bride wearing wellies yet
Charlie modeling his wellies, this was the only Wellie shot I had

TIP 4, Relax don’t do it

Snowy and Rainy day weddings may require a little more flexibility when it comes to the wedding schedule, but there is no reason at all why they can not be as beautiful as sunny day weddings

This image shows the brides maids and grooms men and bride and groom all in one shot taken under a gazebo at rogerthorpe manor, Yorkshire
TCan you believe that for Mr & Mrs Walkers wedding it rain all day, you can not tell right?

TIP 5, Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) and Hydrate

I added this one as hot weather can also be a problem, no one wants the bride or bridesmaids or any of the guest passing out! So buy a pack of water and hand them out to guest and keep one too had for you.

Sun set images from a really hot  summers day
This was a hot hot day! Sunscreen needed

That’s it I hope you enjoyed this little blog post! The key thing to take away is the Yorkshire weather will not ruin your wedding day at all!

If you are getting married send me a message I could have availability for your date.

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