Mr & Mrs Sutcliffe Wedding at St. Joseph’s and The Old Barn at Esholt Shipley

This wedding was my first of the season 2020. 2020 was to be my biggest year yet as a professional Yorkshire wedding photographer, so to kick the year off with this fantastic wedding at a lovely venue and a lovely church I super exciting!

It’s funny how the wedding photography business works. It’s a business of months and years. I first met Mr & Mrs Sutcliffe nearly a year before their wedding for their pre-wedding shoot. At the Monet Garden, Roundhay Park Leeds
The location of the prewedding shoots is completely up to my clients, this does add a fun element to the shoot for me as sometimes I do not know what I am walking into!
I had never been to the Monet garden before but I was blown away with it! The Monet Garden was a perfect location to have a prewedding shoot. Check out their prewedding blog post here.

The Wedding

Mr & Mrs Sutcliffe’s Wedding was a beautiful day filled with family and close friends and lovely venues The Old Barn at Esholt was a venue I had not shoot at yet. But I loved how easy it was to for me as a photographer to shoot creative pictures here. Upstairs in the main room is filled with lots and lots of fairy lights they are all over the place and the big beams are covered in them, for me this gives the place a really beautiful warm and cosy feeling, and as a photographer, it’s a playground of opportunities to get creative.

Fireworks display and Sparkler Exit

One of the most fun aspects of the wedding was once it got dark! Old Barn at Esholt staff working with the professional pyrotechnics put on an amazing fireworks display for all the bride and groom and guest to watch and for me to hopefully capture an extra special image! After the fireworks display was the final image of the night an amazing sparkler exit!

Let me just take this opportunity to say a big congratulations to Mr & Mrs Sutcliffe! Thank you for allowing me to shoot your big day. I had a blast!


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