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Emily & Craig's Summer Wedding at Waterton Park Hotel

Emily + Craig Waterton Park Wedding, bride and groom standing outside the hall

On a beautiful sunny day in May, I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Emily and Craig at the picturesque Waterton Park Hotel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The day was filled with love, laughter, and special moments that will be cherished forever..

Bridal Preparations in the Gamekeeper's Cottage

The bridal preparations took place in the cozy and charming gamekeeper’s cottage, where Emily and her bridesmaids got ready for the momentous occasion. As fate would have it, I happened to be wearing a shirt that perfectly matched the wedding colors of peach, making me feel like an honorary member of the wedding party.

Emily + Craig Waterton Park Wedding
West yorkshire wedding photographer
Emily + Craig Waterton Park Wedding

Ceremony at Waterton Park Hotel

The ceremony itself was held in the elegant Waterton Suite at the Waterton Park Hotel. Surrounded by their 62 guests, Emily and Craig exchanged vows and sealed their love with a kiss. The joy and excitement in the air were palpable as the newlyweds embarked on their journey together.

As the wedding photographer, my goal was to capture every precious moment of their special day. After the ceremony, we took advantage of the hotel’s stunning grounds for some unforgettable outdoor photos. The sun cast a beautiful glow, and the vibrant colors of the surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for Emily and Craig’s love to shine.

Stunning Outdoor Photos and Unexpected Surprises

Amidst the photo session, we encountered a delightful surprise. A pair of Canadian geese, nesting on the island nearby, decided to play havoc and protect their nest, adding a touch of nature’s charm to the day. It was an unexpected and memorable moment that added to the uniqueness of the occasion.

They met at Big Fellas Night Club

To add a personal touch to the photo session, Emily and Craig shared the story of how they first met. It was in the lively atmosphere of Big Fellas Night Club in Pontefract where their paths crossed, leading them on this incredible journey towards marriage. We captured a series of candid shots that showcased their chemistry and the genuine love they have for each other.

Michelle's Flowers: Creating Floral Beauty

Throughout the day, the details were meticulously planned and executed, thanks to the expertise of the suppliers involved. Michelle’s Flowers created stunning floral arrangements that adorned the venue with natural beauty, while Kelly’s Cake Kitchen crafted a magnificent wedding cake that was almost too beautiful to cut into. The Jellybean Photobooth provided a fun and interactive experience for the guests, capturing joyful moments in a playful way. And the chair decorations by Cushty Chairs added an elegant touch to the reception area.

As the day unfolded, it became clear that Emily and Craig’s love was not only evident in the grand moments but also in the smallest of gestures. Their genuine smiles, stolen glances, and tender embraces spoke volumes about the deep connection they shared.

Emily and Craig’s wedding at Waterton Park Hotel truly celebrated love. The historic venue, bathed in sunshine, provided a romantic setting for their union. The presence of their beloved guests added to the atmosphere of joy and camaraderie. It was an honor to be their wedding photographer, and I am grateful to have captured the essence of their special day.

Waterton Park Hotel, is one of Wakefield Best Wedding venues

If you’re searching for a beautiful and intimate venue in West Yorkshire, I highly recommend considering Waterton Park Hotel. With its picturesque surroundings and dedicated staff, it is sure to create the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

To relive the magic of Emily and Craig’s wedding day, please take a look at the photographs below. Each image captures a moment filled with love, happiness, and the promise of a lifetime together.

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