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Mr & Mrs Baines Uper Denby Dale & Penistone Wedding 

Mr & Mrs Bains’s Wedding was the opening wedding of the 2022 wedding season for me. Their wedding had it all. And it was a beautiful bespoke wedding set in beautiful locations around one of the most beautiful areas of West Yorkshire, Denby Dale & Penistone.


If I had to sum their wedding up, it would be like this…. beautiful locations, beautiful church service with fun surprise, amazing live band music x2, with a huge big top wedding marquee set in the stunning Peniston countryside, decorated with the most beautiful flowers I have seen in a long time, with one amazing bride and groom with amazing taste in music, supported by all there friends and family on their beautiful West Yorkshire wedding date.

Bride and Groom posing , Uper Denby Dale & Penistone Wedding 

The Wedding service at St John’s Evangelist Church

After we finished bridal preparation, it was time for one of the most Beautifull and fun Church wedding services I have photographed yet.

St John’s Evangelist Church is so beautiful normally, when I have a church service to photograph, I get a bit worried. You see, many churches in the U.K. can be dark and cold places, but this was not the case at St John’s it was the opposite.

St John’s was beautiful inside and out and had been refurbished recently, and it’s now also used as a community space.


The big surprise…..

When the beautiful wedding service was almost finished, as the bride and groom were about the walk down the aisle as the new Mr & Mrs. Baines, there was a big surprise for Mr & Mrs Baines guests. 

Outside there was a Umpah band ( Grumpah ) waiting for their cue to walk into the church and lead Mr & Mrs. Baines to their future…

Let me tell you now; This was amazing! The reaction on the guest’s faces was brilliant!

Some guests jumped out of their skins, some could not control their tears of joy, and some could not help but ‘sing all your need is love.’ Then, finally, the bride and groom walked down the aisle, led by the band.

The band coming in like this was just amazing. I hope more couples do things like this… 

The wedding reception on the grounds of The Dog & Partridge 

Mr & Mrs Baines’s wedding reception was held in one of the most beautifully decorated Marquees set in the ground of the famous Dog & Partridge pub, up on the moors of the peak district between Penistone and Sheffield.

Marquee Decorations

Stem Designers of Huddersfield did an amazing job decorating the Marquee with beautiful flowers everywhere you looked,

The centrepiece of flowers hung on two wooden ladders suspended in the centre of the two main marquee poles. Check the images out. It’s too hard and beautiful to describe how amazing this looked.

The Two Bands of the wedding day 

Music is massively important to Mr & Mrs. Baines, and I have to say their music taste totally in line with what I love too… 

Grumpah entertained the guest again during the reception, and then when the new Mr & Mrs Baines were announced into the Marquee, the Grumpah led them to their seats for the speeches.

The second band to play was called ……. 

They carried on where Grumpah left off, and my gosh, their amazing selection of music they played amazed me. My favourite was their opener just after the bride and groom had finished their first dance boom! S.O.B. Song by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. What a song to kick off with… 



Epic Bride and Groom Hero Shots in the rain 

The Weather for Mr & Mrs Baines’s wedding was amazing, sunshine during the day, and then at night it rained, this was just perfect for me. I knew I could get an Umbrella shot and a champagne shot all at the same time.  

What an amazing Wedding you had Mr & Mrs Baines, I know it was a long time coming with all the cancellations due to covid, etc., but I think it was well worth the delay. You guys rocked so much.

Congratulations, and thank you for having me photograph your special day xxx