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The top wedding trend of 2021 BY A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER


Well, it’s safe to say that 2021 was a jam-packed wedding season for everyone involved in the wedding business, from suppliers to wedding guests, it felt like everyone wanted to celebrate that the worst of the dreaded C word was over!

Every wedding I photographed last year was the same, there was the sense that people were finally able to emerge out of their safe spaces after the problems of the year before were slowly disappearing.

You could feel the excitement, passion and love at every wedding! Weddings are all about these feelings but it just felt much more amplified

So what was the biggest wedding trend I saw at weddings last year I hear you ask?

It was what I call  The Singing Waiter Phenomenon!

 At every wedding these guys and gals, got the guest going at a time that would normally be the quietest time of the wedding (just after the wedding breakfast). They got all the guests up and singing dancing and laughing as I have never seen before!.

I have seen 90-year-old grandparents up waving their napkins around singing NEW YORK…. NEW YORK, I have seen a room full of 150 guests Singing SWEET CAROLINE, I have seen the panic on the guest’s faces as the waiters drop a plate of cutlery! Pure entertainment….

Singing Waiters Oulton Hall Hotel Leeds, Oulton Hall Hotel Wedding Photos, Oulton Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer
Singing Waiters at Oulton Hall Hotel

"Hands, touching hands Reaching out, touching me, touching you"

"Puer entertainment!"

The Singing Waiter Phenomenon has blown me away, the first time I heard about Singing Waiters I have to say I don’t think I fully got the idea, But seeing these guys at work has turned me into a big believer!

No other wedding vendor at a wedding can affect the guest like these guys can and right at a time when everybody is on a low from eating so much food, these guys picked everybody up and got everyone in the mood for a party!

picture of guest waving white knapping to the music
guest waving knapping at Oakwell Hall

So that’s why I say the biggest Wedding trend for me of 2021 was The Singing Waiters!

Here is a link to all the guys I saw at my weddings last year! They were all brilliant and worth their weight in gold in my opinion! And if any of my couples ask what is the best value wedding vendor after myself of course I would definitely mention these guys for sure!