A very Late Birthday Present To Myself – Snoppa M1 3 Axis Gimble

6th August 2017

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my skills and after 1 years of waiting my Snoppa M1 3 Axis Gimble finally arrived on Monday!. 

Almost 1 years ago I stumbled across this new gadget while browsing Indigogo that hadn’t even hit the shelves yet, upon reading in depth about the product and it’s benefits I decided to take the plunge and purchase it without even getting the opportunity to test it out. I guess you could say curiosity got the better of me! Roll on almost 1 years later and the day finally arrived when I got to unveil my 32nd Birthday Present to myself……..

What better way to give my Gimble its first test drive than with my Denace the Menace, Danny MacAskill wannabe but full of confidence 2-year-old Son! Fortunate to live out in the countryside and dirt tracks I often take him out on his balance bike to take photographs of him in action but now I get to film him in perfectly smooth footage. 

Behind the camera- I’m actually running at full speed to keep up with him in this video but the sheer quality, and thankfully what the Gimble is designed to do, doesn’t show the usual jumpiness and muffled footage, instead it keeps everything almost perfectly balanced giving the impression I’m not even running at all. 

More videos to follow 👍

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