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Sneaton Castle Weddings by Nicholas Teal Photography

Lou & Bren Sneaton Castle Wedding

Sneaton Castle: A Year-Round Wedding Wonderland

Having had the pleasure of working at Sneaton Castle on numerous occasions, in varying wedding settings and throughout different seasons, I can confidently attest that Sneaton Castle is an ideal year-round wedding venue.

But what exactly do I mean by this? In my extensive experience, Sneaton Castle consistently delivers breathtaking wedding imagery, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The castle offers remarkable indoor spaces perfectly suited for wedding photography and group shots, in addition to its enchanting outdoor gardens.

If you’re in the process of planning your special day at Sneaton Castle, I would be thrilled to connect with you. Let’s collaborate to create lasting memories together.

Bride Preparations in the Castle

The morning of the wedding began with a drive to Sneaton Castle in Whitby, North Yorkshire for bridal preparations. The castle boasts a spacious and bright bridal suite, perfect for the bridal party to get ready in. It was a pleasure to have such a comfortable and spacious area to work in, as opposed to the cramped quarters often found in hotel rooms. Taking the time to find unique and creative ways to photograph the wedding dress, I was able to use the chandelier in the bridal suite to beautifully display Mrs. Vasey’s dress. Overall, Sneaton Castle exceeded expectations with its well-appointed bridal suite.

Lou & Bren Sneaton Castle Wedding
Cery's + John's Wedding Sneaton Castle
Yorkshire Wedding photographer

The Wedding service in the Chapel

As a seasoned wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to visit many beautiful venues for wedding ceremonies. However, not all of these venues have well-suited spaces for the actual wedding service. Oftentimes, the lighting can be poor or the room can be overcrowded, making it difficult for the bridal party to make their grand entrance. Sneaton Castle, on the other hand, boasts a stunning chapel that is perfectly suited for the wedding service. It has excellent lighting and ample space for the bride and bridal party to make their way down the aisle. It truly is one of the most beautiful chapels I have ever seen.

Bride and groom shoot around the Grounds of the Castle 

Sneaton Castle boasts beautiful gardens that provided the perfect backdrop for Mr and Mrs. Vasey’s wedding photos. The gardens were filled with an abundance of flowers, adding pops of colour to the images. On the day of the wedding, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, making the gardens even more stunning. One of my favourite spots to photograph the couple was on the vine-covered veranda, where the lighting was just right. Overall, it was a pleasure to photograph Mr and Mrs. Vasey’s wedding at Sneaton Castle. The North Yorkshire coast is a truly stunning location for a wedding, and I hope to have the opportunity to photograph more weddings at this wonderful castle in the future.

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