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Summer Outdoor Wedding at Skipbridge Country Weddings North Yorkshire

Confetti photograph, Skipbridge Country Weddings, North Yorkshire

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Keogahan at Skipbridge Country Weddings, a highly-regarded and unique venue in North Yorkshire. As expected, the location was breathtaking and the couple’s outdoor ceremony was made all the more special by the summer weather. It was truly a magical day for Mr. and Mrs. Keogahan and I was honored to be a part of it.

Bridal preparations at Skipbridge Farm Cottages

I began my day with Mrs. Keogahan as she prepared for the wedding at one of the charming cottages on Skipbridge Farm, which offers accommodation for wedding guests. The rustic farm setting added to the atmosphere, and I even had a surprise visitor in the form of a curious chicken peeking in through the kitchen window as I snapped photos of Mrs. Keogahan having her makeup done. It was a delightful start to a beautiful wedding day.

picture of the wedding dress hanging in the doorway

Skipbridge Country Weddings Glamping Pods and Groom preparations

Next, I visited the Skipbridge Country Weddings glamping pods to find Mr Keogahan and other wedding guests staying on the property. Mr. Keogahan was staying in a unique glamping pod made from a rail wagon, and I was impressed with how comfortable and cozy it was. I even joked with him that I could easily live there. After capturing some of Mr. Keogahan’s groom preparation photos, I was excited to explore the other glamping pods and meet some of the wedding guests staying in them. Each one was unique, and some even had their own Jacuzzis. It was a special touch that added to the overall experience of the wedding at Skipbridge Country Weddings.

pictue of the bride and grooms glamping pod
One of the many glamping Pods at Skipbridge County weddings

Beautiful outdoor wedding Skipbridge Country Weddings

If you’re considering an outdoor wedding in North Yorkshire, I highly recommend Skipbridge Country Weddings. It’s truly one of the best outdoor wedding venues I’ve come across, and Mr. and Mrs. K’s wedding day had beautiful weather to match. The ceremony area was shaded by some stunning willow trees, which provided the perfect amount of shade for the formal wedding photos. As a Yorkshire wedding photographer, I know how challenging it can be to get good photos on a sunny day with no shade, so I was grateful for the natural protection from the sun. The ceremony itself was truly touching and everything went off without a hitch.

bride walking down the aisle with her dad
Such special moment for the father of the bride

Cocktail Hour - in the sun and exploring Skipbridge Country Weddings site

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests celebrated with champagne and canapés, and took the opportunity to explore all that Skipbridge Farm has to offer as a wedding venue. There are so many charming nooks and crannies on the property that it would be hard to name them all, but my personal favorite was the boat and dock area – it was a beautiful spot for candid wedding photography. As the guests wandered around, playing lawn games and enjoying the summer weather, I captured candid shots of kids playing, older guests laughing and joking, and everyone having a great time. It was the perfect atmosphere for a joyous celebration.

The Wedding reception in Skipbridge Farms wedding Maquuer 

It’s worth mentioning the beautiful wedding marquee where the speeches and wedding breakfast took place. The weather was so perfect at Mr. and Mrs. K’s Skipbridge Farms wedding that much of the celebration took place outdoors, taking advantage of the stunning surroundings. The marquee provided a wonderful space for the speeches and meal, but the rest of the day was spent enjoying the outdoor areas of the venue. Skipbridge Farms is truly an amazing site, and I was glad to see Mr. and Mrs. K take full advantage of it on their special day.

Speeches from inside the wedding Marquee at Skipbridge County weddings

Cake Cutting the first dance and ending with a fantastic champagne hero shot for the special couple

As the sun began to set, Mr. and Mrs. K cut their cake and had their first dance outdoors, with the talented musician Michael Mulholland providing the music for their special song. Their friends and family joined in on the dancing, and it was a beautiful end to a perfect wedding day. Before I left, I asked the couple if they’d like to finish the night with a dramatic hero shot in front of the Skipbridge Country Weddings, and they happily agreed. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. K on their beautiful wedding – it was truly a joy to be a part of it

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