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Simonstone Hall Wedding Ceremony - Charlotte & Mark

bride and groom at the ceremony

Charlotte and Mark tied the knot in a truly enchanting ceremony at the historic Simonstone Hall, nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales.

What made Charlotte and Mark’s wedding ceremony truly special was its intimate nature. With only their beloved cockapoo, Benny, in attendance, they embraced the simplicity and beauty of committing their love to each other.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless celebrations in grand country estates like Simonstone Hall, complete with large guest lists and grandeur. However, there’s something undeniably lovely about stripping away the extravagance and focusing on the essence of a wedding ceremony or elopement—the couple’s heartfelt commitment to each other.

When it comes to choosing a wedding location, there’s no place quite like the Yorkshire Dales. Simonstone Hall, situated in the charming town of Hawes, North Yorkshire, is a true gem. It’s timeless charm and stunning surroundings make it one of the most picturesque county halls I’ve ever encountered. The Yorkshire Dales, with their captivating beauty, provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding, and Simonstone Hall complements this setting flawlessly. I genuinely look forward to returning to Simonstone Hall in the future to capture more memorable weddings.

For more information about Simonstone Hall, you can visit their website.
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