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Do you need a wedding veil to get amazing wedding photography pictures?

One of the questions I get asked a lot as a professional wedding photographer is “should or do I really need to buy a wedding veil with my wedding dress? in this article, I try and answer the following questions for you from my perspective as a wedding photographer

  1. Should I bother with a wedding Veil? 
  2. What length should I choose? 
  3. Do I need an expensive wedding veil?

I will answer all these questions,  for you from a wedding photographer’s perspective 

Should I bother with the wedding Veil? 

For me as a professional wedding photographer it’s a big Yes please please get a wedding veil with your Beautiful dress, It is worth the effort and believe me once you get your images back from your wedding photographer you will be so pleased you did. There is just so much you can do with a wedding vail when it comes down to wedding photography Like the Veil Drop shot!

Honestly, You could just take the veil off after you have got the shots if you wanted to.

Would this shot be as amazing with out that veil?
the beekeeper veil shot
The beekeepers

What length of wedding veil should I choose?

Go long or go home, Only kidding but if you can, try and pick a longer veil, longer veils add extra wow in your wedding pictures, they hang in the air for longer for extra wow. Also, let us not forget you will be able to do the  “Beekeepers”  This Is where I put the veil over you and your partner’s head and get you to kiss.

Do I need an expensive wedding veil?

I know veils can be expensive,  but I see them as one of the main components of your wedding day, A keepsake to maybe hand down your family line. And in this article, I am trying to educate you on the benefits of having a veil.

But on that note, a cheap veil does not look any different to an expensive one at least in my photographs.

One of my brides once had a £500 veil, Heck that was a bit scary throwing it around in the air! 🤣

You can get wedding veils on amazon for as little as £20 that will do the job in photos.

alternative angle of bride walking down stairs to see her father


Honestly just having a wedding veil will (no pun intended) net you around 10 wow “HERO SHOT” Images, But if a veil does not go with your dress don’t worry too much!

Ah, I  nearly forgot to mention that for my brides, I have 2 stunt veils as  I call them, sometimes I use them in my photography,  so if you don’t have a veil but still want that killer hero shot just ask me for the stunt veil and we can still get the hero shots.

Check out some of the veil shots I have taken over the years 😍

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