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Ryedale folk museum wedding Sam + Sarah

Ryedale folk museum bride and groom posing

Sam and Sarah's Intimate Spring Wedding at Ryedale Folk Museum

On a beautiful spring day, less than 20 guests gathered at Ryedale Folk Museum to celebrate the union of Sam and Sarah. The weather was perfect, with the sun shining and a light breeze blowing through the grounds. As their wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing every moment of their special day.

The wedding service was held in the Tudor manor house, which added to the intimate and historic feel of the day. After the ceremony, we took advantage of the full grounds of the museum for some gorgeous outdoor photos. The couple was all smiles as we wandered through the various exhibits and buildings, taking in the history and charm of the museum.

One of my favorite shots was when we recreated a photograph from when Sam was a little boy. In the original photo, he was pumping water for the village water pump. So, we recreated that photograph, but with Sam pumping water for his new bride. It was a touching moment and a unique way to pay homage to Sam’s past while celebrating his future.

We took more photos around the museum, capturing the couple’s love against the backdrop of the historic buildings and gardens. The entire day was filled with love and joy, and it was clear that Sam and Sarah were meant to be together.

In conclusion, Sam and Sarah’s wedding at Ryedale Folk Museum was a beautiful and intimate celebration of their love. The perfect spring weather, the historical setting, and the love between the couple made for an unforgettable day. And, of course, it was a joy to capture every moment of it as their wedding photographer.