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Stunning Autumn Engagement Shoot On The Rivelin Valley Nature Trail Sheffield

Rivelin Valley Nature Trail engagement shoot

I love doing engagement shoots for so many different reasons, but one of my biggest reasons is to discover new places.

I always ask my couples if they have a special location to do their engagement shoot.

So when I asked Charlie and Rheanna to pick their special location they came back with Rivelin Valley Nature Trail in Sheffield.

Honestly, this location blows my mind, with its beautiful streams and many stunning bridges!

My favorite location on the trail was the stepping stones crossing the river. It wss so much fun photographing the couple on the crossing stones!

Bomba the couples dog had so much fun running around diving into the river, i think i wanted to join him 😀

Rivelin Valley Nature Trail in Sheffield has completely blown my mind it’s so pretty, Charlie and Rheanna picked the perfect location for a engagement shoot.

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