Photo Booth

19th July 2015

Set the Scene, it’s Thursday evening i’m currently nursing my Son to sleep when the phone rings. My young cousin’s 14th Birthday Party was on the verge of disaster when the Photo Booth company they had booked, cancelled, due to technical issues the day before the big day. Photo Booths is something I had always considered as a future business venture but the sheer amount of ‘set’ you need is always a logistical nightmare for a ‘one man band’ however I felt only obliged to step in and save the day. Ok, so it wasn’t your professional looking photo booth but the birthday girl and her friends couldn’t tell the difference and had an absolute ball.

The set up I used for this shoot was very simple yet highly effective. All the images were presented on memory stick for her to upload to the various Social Media sites she desired.

Simple set up on this shoot

Simple set up on this shoot

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