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Fairy Tail Cheshire Peckforton Castle Wedding - Mr & Mrs Qassem

Bride and Groom walk towards the camera with Peckforton Castle behind them

Peckforton Castle is a luxury mock medieval Fairy Tail castle in the Cheshire countryside surrounded by beautiful gothic brilliance and stunning around every coroner set Pisces. To be honest, it’s a wedding photographer’s dream location. Inside and outside the castle, photo opportunities exist around every coroner.

So when I got the opportunity to Photograph Mr & Mrs Qassems Peckforton Castle Wedding, I jumped at the chance.

Bridal Preparations in The Lodge

My day started with Bridal Preparations In the Castles Lodge.

The Lodge is a very spacious cottage located at the start of the castle’s estate at the beginning of the drive up to the castle. It’s a few minutes walk from the castle. Peckforton Castle runs a shuttle service.

The Lodge was very spacious and ideal for a large bridal party to get ready. In addition, the master bedroom is perfect for wedding detail pictures.

Fifteen minutes before the wedding service was due to start in the great hall, the castle sent down their Chauffeur to pick but the bride and braids maids.

Bride wedding shoes with the rings

The Wedding Ceremony In The Castle Great Hall

Mr & Mrs Qassem’s wedding ceremony was held in The stunning Great Hall, surrounded by friends and family. The great hall is large enough to accommodate big weddings with many guests but is also lovely for smaller weddings. It doesn’t feel overwhelming for a wedding with smaller numbers. I don’t think pictures do the Great Hall justice. The scale and grandeur of the hall are impressive.

Formal Photos around the Castle Courtyard and a stunning Bride and Groom shoot around the castle grounds.

Once the couple’s wedding service was over, I had to take the family formal outside in the castle courtyard while the guest had champagne and canapes.

Peckforton Castle is one of those wedding venues where everywhere you go and around every corner, you can see beautiful photo opportunities as a wedding photographer.

Mr & Mrs Qassem were up to get the very most out of their Peckforton Castle wedding, which saw us take the beautiful bride and groom photography around the castle grounds.

One of my favorite locations to take pictures inside Peckforton Castle is on the grand steps. This location is like something out of a Robin Hood Movie!

My favourite location outside Peckforton castle is outside the castle walls next to the gatehouse. I love this location as you can get a real idea of the scale of the castle.

Are you Planning your Peckforton Castle wedding? I would love to hear from you.