Shooting The Paul Mirfin Band And The Wetherby Festival

23rd October 2017

Last week I fulfilled a teenage dream, what was that I hear you ask? Well, it was to photograph a band at a gig. Most photographers have dabbled with this at some point in their career, but for me, this had never come up yet.
So when I got asked to photograph The Paul Mirfin Band at St James’ Parish Church, Wetherby as part of the, Wetherby festival I could not refuse!
I have always been a lover of all types of music and go to gigs and music festivals as often as I can but to be honest, I have shot bands before, but not for a long, long time
Paul and the band where brilliant, they are an English Folk Rock Band, They are definitely worth checking out if they are playing a gig near you!

check them out here …

St James the venue is a beautiful church and very photogenic!. But I wanted to change the mood of the gig a little (in my pictures), so I whipped out my radio controlled flash fitted a blue magmod gel + grid (to stop blue light shooting everywhere), and I placed it in the pew shooting up which was located behind the band. I asked the bands manager before hand I if it was ok, and I knew in my mind I had total control of the light and also I knew the band and probably most of the guest would have no idea about the blue light. It was just my little surprise till now

Here are a few images of the band from that night


  • paul playing in front of the crowed at Wetherby Festival
  • hat on drums at Wetherby Festival
  • Paul and the band at Wetherby Festival
  • another shot of paul and the band at Wetherby Festival

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