Ripon City Morris Dancers

31st December 2016

Ripon City Morris Dancers at Knaresborough Christmas Market 2016

I and my young Son Charlie have started a tradition of going to the Knaresborough Christmas Market. Every Year without fail we go and enjoy the festive atmosphere a mince pie or two and some mulled wine.

This year we were in time to catch The Ripon City Morris Dancers.
Now let me tell you one thing I have a Bucket list of things I want to photograph! And Morris Dancers was on this list!

So yes I was in the crowd so I did my best to get shots and use the crowd to frame the dancers the best I could. I also warmed the temperature up, You may notice I shoot warm anyways that’s my style but its was a very cold day that day with harsh Sunlight.

I and my Son both really enjoyed the Dancers and let’s not forget there amazing band too. Thank you for the show

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