Malham and Gordale Scar Video Blog Post

17th March 2017

This Video is to accompany a blog article I recently wrote about my trip to Malham to Photograph the sunrise. Click the link to read the blog about the perils of leaving VR switched on! (That blog post got 1400+ view) Cheers if you viewed it!

This Video, of Myself and friend Ash, portrays the fun we had visiting Gordale Scar and, as always, boys will be boys, so felt it only necessary to climb down the waterfall! I recommend visiting on a weekday! We visited there on a Friday morning, so it was practically empty.

One last tip, if you’re wearing a down jacket like I was, take it off before you venture out as I managed to rip a massive hole in my jacket and now to fix it I have gaffer tape over the hole…… (very halflife 2)

Blog post link: https://nicholasteal.com/vibration-reduction-landscape-fail/


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