Live Event Printing now Available!

25th October 2017

We have a new member of Team Teal!

Drumroll, please…..

Let me introduce you to our Brand spanking new state of art DNP DS620 dye-sublimation printer!!!!!
This printer does it all! it can print a 6×9 in 15 seconds and can print 6×20 inch panoramics and every other size between! And it can even print 2×6 strips aka like the old photo booths we all used to use back in the day!

As a business, this is a game changer, Weddings, Party’s, Photobooths, birthdays, sports events, You name it we can now print live on site!

The DNP has already had its sea trials at the Slimming World Winter Ball I recently shot, where it performed like a dream.

If you want to book us for an event or just want to have a chat about the possibility’s, give me a ring I would love to have a chat.


our new member to the team dnp ds620 , we will be using this at all our events

Our new member of the team DNP DS620 Printer


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