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Landscapes that made me 

By Nicholas Teal

Before becoming a professional wedding photographer, I spent many years exploring the landscapes and wildlife of Yorkshire and the North of England as an avid landscape photographer. Through my adventures, I learned to capture the beauty and drama of the natural world and to tell compelling stories through my images. My philosophy is that good photography should always have a story to tell, and each of my images has a unique story behind it. For example, the picture of the rabbit looking at the wall is a metaphor for a difficult time in my personal life, when I felt stuck and unsure of how to move forward. Photography has been a source of solace and inspiration for me, and it has ultimately led me to my career as a wedding photographer. I believe that my experience in landscape photography has greatly influenced and enhanced my approach to wedding photography, and I am grateful for the lessons and experiences it has provided me.

If you would like to purchase or license any of my images, please reach out to me