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Landscapes that made me 

By Nicholas Teal

Before I became a professional wedding photographer, I was an avid Landscape photographer. I would spend my weekends around Yorkshire and the North of England on adventures, capturing the landscape and the beautiful animals that inhabited it, all of these moments happened in front of my eyes.

My philosophy has always been that good photography should tell a storey, for me each one of these pictures you can see before you have a story.

Sometimes the story was what was going on in my personal life and how getting out into the wild made me feel refreshed in body and soul.


Some of the images tell their own story and its easy to see, Like the rabbit and the wall picture, to me, the rabbit is looking at the wall and thinking how do I get over this, its a metaphor for how i was feeling at that time after splitting up with my long term partner, I watched this little rabbit looking at the wall it was clear the rabbit wanted to get to the woodland on the other side. But how? I watched the rabbit start to wander up and down the wall for a few minutes until it eventually found its way under the drystone wall….. 

I owe a lot to photography it has saved me in many ways, photography eventually has gone on to give me a career as a wedding photographer, But I feel and know that the many years wondering the dales has made me who I am today and it has enhanced my photography In so many ways….


If you would like to purchase or license any of my images, please reach out to me