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Hornington Manor Wedding - bride and groom been lead out by the band just about to get confetti

Chris & Lucy's Hornington Manor Wedding: A Rustic Yorkshire Barn Wedding Venue

For Chris & Lucy, their wedding was a long-awaited moment that was definitely worth the wait. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Hornington Manor, this beautiful rustic countryside wedding exceeded all expectations.

Surprises and Delights

Chris and Lucy’s wedding was filled with delightful surprises that left their guests in awe. From the unexpected appearance of an 8-piece brass band during lawn games under the sun to an impeccably choreographed first dance, let’s dive into the details

Hornington Manor Wedding - bride and groom posing in the golden hour - a water well is behind them
Chris & Lucy's Hornington Manor Wedding
Chris & Lucy's Hornington Manor Wedding

Wedding Preparations at Hornington Manor

The day started with bustling preparations on both sides of Hornington Manor. The West Wing housed the bridesmaids, where each had ample space to get ready. Meanwhile, the groom and his entourage found their cool setting in the pool room, complete with a pool table, creating some memorable photo opportunities.

Stunning Outdoor Photos and Unexpected Surprises

Amidst the photo session, we encountered a delightful surprise. A pair of Canadian geese, nesting on the island nearby, decided to play havoc and protect their nest, adding a touch of nature’s charm to the day. It was an unexpected and memorable moment that added to the uniqueness of the occasion.

The Russet Barn

A Perfect Ceremony Venue: Chris and Lucy exchanged their vows in the recently added Russet Barn, which proved to be a charming location. The barn’s magnificent chandeliers and natural acoustics ensured that every guest, regardless of their seating, could hear the heartfelt promises shared by the couple.

A Surprise Guard of Honour

Following the ceremony, the guests formed a guard of honour, awaiting the newlyweds’ grand entrance. However, to everyone’s astonishment, the first to emerge from behind the Manor house door was Yorkshire’s sensational band, Back Chat Brass! The band seamlessly joined the line, leading the couple down the aisle. It was an unforgettable moment that added an extraordinary touch to the wedding festivities.

The Dining Barn: Surprises Continue

As the celebrations progressed, the dining barn became the stage for the second surprise of the day. Chris and Lucy treated their guests to a flawlessly choreographed first dance that left everyone mesmerized. The backdrop of fairy lights against the dining barn’s back wall added an enchanting atmosphere, perfectly accentuating the couple’s dance moves.

Capturing Golden Hour Moments at Hornington Manor

One of the highlights of Hornington Manor is its idyllic countryside surroundings. With abundant options for breathtaking bride and groom portraits, the lane beside the glamping huts stood out as a personal favourite. Bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun filtering through the trees, it provided a magical setting for capturing unforgettable moments.

Hornington Manor Facts

  • The Russet Ceremony Barn can accommodate up to 150 guests.
  • The dining barn can seat 150 guests during the day and accommodate 200 guests at night.
  • The Manor House features eight ensuite bedrooms.
  • The West Wing can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people.

Are you getting Married at Hornington Manor or another Yorkshire Barn venue?

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Wedding Venders

Venue: Hornington Manor 🏰

Food: The Outside Kitchen & Bar 🍽️

MUA: Aimee Tate 💄

Music: Back Chat Brass 🎺

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