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Are you a Last Minute Wedding Photographer?

To answer your questions bluntly, no, I usually book out 14 months in advance on key dates.

But hold on, before you click away,

I know that life can be hectic, and things can get overseen when planning your wedding, and you may have got to a few weeks before your wedding and gone balls!

I knew there was something we forgot to book!

Well, I can help you with that. My name is Nicholas, and I am a professional wedding photographer from Yorkshire who has travelled all around the County to photograph last-minute weddings.

So don’t worry! You’re not alone. I have helped people who still need to book their wedding photographer or whose original wedding photographer can not make it for some reason and need a dashing last-minute wedding photographer to get out of situations like this.

If you're so busy, why do you like doing short-notice weddings?

Well, it’s fun and an adventure! Honestly, I look in my diary, and I already have wedding bookings for the next few years! Part of me loves this, and I am so grateful, but also, part of me loves it if a wedding comes my way out of the blue. I am the guy that loves to do this thing. I love the spontaneity of getting a call or email out of the blue from someone looking for a last-minute wedding photographer, their original wedding photographer has massively dropped the ball or is sick, or if you’re the groom and this was your only job in planning the wedding was to book the wedding photographer, well I am your guy, providing I am free on your date..

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What notice do you need to book you to photograph our wedding last minute style?

Well, ideally, I would love about a week’s notice, so I can book a hotel room if needed and sort out the logistics. But I have covered for other photographers with less notice before who have been sick from the dreaded C word.

The main thing is to reach out as soon as possible.

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Can you still help even if you're booked already?

If I am already booked, I will try my best to find another wedding photographer who could photograph your last-minute wedding. I am part of a vast network of wedding professionals.

Bloody hell, you're better than our original wedding photographer!

That’s precisely what Mrs Smith said when she reached out when her wedding photographer disappeared without a trace and left the couple without a wedding photographer for their bid day with only five days before their wedding date.  

Yes, I will likely be better than the original photographer that let you down. I am 5 Star rated, highly sought-after wedding photographer who likes helping people out. 


Do you charge extra for short-notice/last-minute weddings?

No, I don’t charge any extra for short-notice weddings, but if traveling is involved outside of Yorkshire and the North, I may ask you to put me up in a hotel room or pay travel expenses.