When your fellow professional photographer and friend Matt Nicholls calls you up asking if you could cover a wedding for him, I said yes, sure, right away.

It turns out that unfortunately, Matt had to isolate himself, and he was due to shoot Heidi and Jamie’s wedding at Dimplewell Lodge, Osset, over the weekend.

The Wedding

I am so pleased and grateful I got the opportunity to photograph Heidi and Jamie’s beautiful wedding, to be honest, I had put all my camera gear away at this point as my calendar and weddings were all on hold (due to covid) till the 2021 wedding season.

Heidi and Jamie’s wedding was in between the first lockdown and the second lockdown and their wedding was limited to just 15 guests!

But honestly, you would never have guessed it, their wedding was full of fun and beautiful moments! Surrounded by loving family members and their beautiful children! It was just perfect!


Location & Suppliers

Dimple Well Lodge

Coach Company