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Mr & Mrs Townsens Cedar Court Wedding Harrogate - Mr & Mrs Townson

bride and groom posing near water fountain

Mr & Mrs Townsens wedding was extra unique to me as me, and Mr Townson is an old colleague. I have known Mr Townson for more than 10 years, and lucky for us, we both moved on from the company we both worked at and have made fantastic careers for ourselves, Mr Townson is one of Wakefield’s Leading Driving instructors.

Weddings In Harrogate

Harrogate is the town I love to photograph weddings around. Everywhere you go, you have green spaces and parks that are just so ideal for wedding photography.

Harrogate also has some fantastic wedding venues, with it being a spa town with a rich history, it has many Hotels and Halls to get married in. This is just one of the many little reasons I love Harrogate.

Leeds Wedding photographer
photo of bride next to window

The Cedar Court Hotel Wedding

The Cedar Court Harrogate was one of those hotels I knew about, and I had probably driven past the cedar court Hotel many times on my trips to Harrogate but had never been in. The hotel didn’t disappoint inside was just as grand as the outside looked. The hotel features one of the most elegant ceremony rooms with lots of natural light. I could just imagine the victorian dancing in this former ballroom. 

The wedding breakfast room was also spectacular and very spacious. I think both rooms had been the ball/concert room back in the past. I believe the correct term would be a banquet room.

Cedar Court Harrogate has Perfect Hotel Grounds for Wedding Photography

For me, one of my main highlights was The Water Fountain. This really is the centrepiece of the Hotel grounds. The Hotel grounds were perfect for the couple’s Bride and Groom shoot and the family’s formal photography. 

One of the best hero shots of the wedding season!

When I saw the amazing water fountain as I arrived in the morning, I knew right away what I was going to do later on for Mr & Mrs Tonwson’s hero shot!

When setting up the champagne spray shot, I set up a flash with a red gel behind the water fountain to capture and highlight the water fountain’s elegance   

I think the shot came out amazing and was definitely one of my best this wedding season.