Getting Ready for the Wedding Season…..

24th April 2018

As a free-lance Yorkshire Based photographer, I am busy all year round. Day to day, I could be working with a local business, shooting product shots for Amazon or Shooting family portraits in the studio.
All these jobs help keep me Sharpe at what I do. But when it comes to practising new techniques or gear, there is no better way to practice than going out with my little boy, this is where the magic happens. He keeps me on my toes! But he has got to the age where he will pose for me, well if only for a few seconds till he gets bored and we move onto the next shot. The times I and Charlie go out lets me not only practice in camera techniques but also different editing styles. Some of these I would not ever dream of using on a client job or a wedding but it’s cool to experiment.

These pictures below are taken from our local Woods and nature reserve.


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