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Summer Fountains Abbey Wedding

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The Bride & Groom


Mr & Mrs Hardys Wedding at Fountains Abbey was so special on many levels for everyone who was there. The bride and groom were both very excited about getting married at Fountains Abbey. They wanted something unique and different, so they decided to hold their wedding at the historic site.

Bridal Preparations in Harrogate 

Mrs Hardy’s wedding day started in Harrogate, at Bobby Browns for makeup, and the staff had come in extra early, so they could fit the bridal party in.

 The next stage of Bridal preparations was a quick Harrogate taxi back to the White Hart Hotel & Apartments, the apartment rooms here were fantastic, with plenty of nice light coming in through the windows making it easy to create beautiful dreamy portraits.

Fountains Hall Wedding Ceremony 

Next, it was a quick dash for the bridal party across Harrogate to Fountains Hall on the grounds Studley Royal Park.

Fountains Hall, is part of the more famous Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden the whole site is National Trust run and it’s a designated world heritage site!

Honestly, Fountains Hall sometimes gets overlooked but it should not it’s such an amazing old building with a hell of a lot of history! Did you know Fountains Hall was built using stone from Fountains Abbey!

It’s a dream wedding location, and very spiritual you can really feel the connection to the Abbey, for me it seems like there is more than just the brick and mortar connection to the buildings.

The actual ceremony was held upstairs in the Hall, in this massive room that felt like it could have once been a ballroom or banquet hall. 

The ceremony room had massive windows and was well lit by natural light beaming in, honestly, it just added to the feeling and emotion of the day.

Mr & Mrs Hardy’s ceremony was full of beautiful moments, with heartfelt readings from friends and family.

wedding service inside Fountains Hall
wedding service inside Fountains Hall
wedding service inside Fountains Hall

Reception in Fountains Hall Herb Garden 

Once the service had finished inside Fountains Hall we headed to the herb gardens for wedding canopies and champagne and two more very special ceremonies and of course to take the formal wedding group shots. 

The weather was so hot on the day, that we had to find a shady place to take the group shots, fortunately, there was plenty of trees to give us good shade around Fountains Hall gardens and the Abbey grounds.

Image of wedding party in gardens bride and groom pose on steps at Bride and Groom on steps Fountains outside of Hall Fountains Hall Rippon, Fountains Hall Rippon Photos, Fountains Hall Wedding photographer

Bride and Groom portraits shoot around National Trust Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Park

One of the many many highlights for me on Mr & Mrs Hardys Wedding day was when we got to the bride and groom portraits, Honestly, I found it a little bit overwhelming, there were just so many photo opportunities and locations to take the bride and groom! 

My number one goal, on the day, was to use Mrs Hardy’s stunning wedding veil and create some epic wedding veil drop photography.

On my list of locations to get shots was to get one with Fountains Abbey in the background. I knew an epic wedding veil drop shot would look amazing!

Mr & Mrs Hardy were well up for making the most of their wedding day, and together we managed to create lots of beautiful moments in and around Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Park grounds.

Thank you once again to Mr & Mrs Hardy, for letting me capture your beautiful day!

Locations and Wedding Suppliers:

Bobbie Browns Harrogate
The White Hart Hotel & Apartments
Fountains Abbey Hall
Fountains Abbey
Michelle’s Flowers