Event Photography at Valentines Ball in aid of Wakefield Hospice at Feverstone Rovers RLFC

28th February 2019

We love doing Event Photography balls, there is something special about these events!  They remind me a lot of why I love to shoot Weddings, I think it is because everyone is always in good spirits and wearing there best frock or suit. And of Couse, we are all there to have a good time and help raise money for charity!

The Valentines Ball was in aid of Wakefield Hospice, The Hospice is close to my heart its where a lot my relatives have gone there to be in comfort in there last days. So, I hold the hospice really close to my heart.

This is why I and David Jumped at the chance to shoot portraits and the Valentines Ball!

We and the guest managed to create some wonderful portraits and raise money for the hospice!

If you would like me and David to come and shoot your event/ please get in contact with us! we use state of the art equipment and we print the images out in seconds for your guest to take away!

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