Kickass Fun Friendly Event Photography with Live Onsite Printing! Ideal for corporate and charity balls and parties

Me and my team can cover any event that requires onsite Photography and printing! And do it in a fun colourful way that you could only get from two weddings photographers!

Over the last few years we have supported many event balls and proms sending are customer home with a simple on there face and a fantastic picture to keep forever!

What makes us different from the rest of the event Photographers?

Well to start off I am not an event photographer I am a wedding photographer, so this means you get a photographer who is funny, happy and cheerful who will capture you at your best, and I try my hardest to make the whole process of posing > taking the portrait > printing it > as fun as possible! In fact, most of the time people leave with a picture in their hands and a massive smile on there face!

The feedback we have received from customers is always “that was the most fun I have ever had having my photograph taken” and to be honest that’s exactly what we aim for!

What equipment do you use?

Well to start off with, we use our personality’s first and foremost, this is the first thing we do is to win are subject over, this helps us get the best portrait we can!

Second, we use a state of the art Nikon Camera and lens, with full studio strobe lighting and a choice of professional seamless backdrops form shades of grey all the way to pink (the ladies love the pink backdrop)

When it comes to printing we have a state of the art dye-sub printer that can print a 6×9 out in less time than it takes a farrier spider to hit 60mph! Then we put the picture in a high-quality mount and finally put it in a bag for safe keeping (so no champagne gets split on the lovely print)

What’s the cost of this well we use price scalability but normally it’s something in-between £10-£15 a print depending on the audience?

How long does it take to set up?

Well, it takes us about 1 hour to set up once all the gear is in, but the longer we have the better, then it takes about 40 mins to pack away at the end of the night.

What Charities have you worked with?

The Prince of Whales Hospice Pontefract, The Slimming World Winter Ball, and numerous other charities and events

Do you charge a showing up fee?

No, we don’t, but its subject to guest number and circumstances, this is what makes us different from a lot of the other event photographers we don’t charge you a holding fee! And we donate 20% of profit to the charity this is sort of unheard of in this industry!

How do we book you?

Well, the best way is to email us, as soon as you have an event date!