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Wakefield wedding venue guide, this image show a bride and groom posing in Wakefield city center street

Wakefield Registry Office Wedding

The Date, the 19th of May 2018 will be a date I will always remember! Not because some Prince got Married on this day at Wakefield Town Hall! No, I will remember this day because I was lucky enough to photograph Mark and Debbie’s Wakefield Town Hall Wedding and be a part of something very special.

Childhood Sweethearts

You see Mark and Debbie were childhood sweethearts, whose lives took them on separate paths but paths that eventually led them to each other. For me, this is far more of a romantic love story than some Prince and His American Girlfriend getting hitched. This is a love story that has played out over a long time. Like all good love stories Nature and fortune play a role in, I believe mother nature always finds a way to bring people who were destined to be together, together in the end. A true fairy-tale ending.

Amazing weather for Wakefield Town Hall Wedding

Speaking of nature, the weather was amazing! With beautiful sunshine and not a single cloud in the sky all day which was perfect for beautiful sunlit portraits of Wakefield. 

I took the bride and groom to one of the nearby at the side of Wakefield Town Hall to get some beautiful bride and groom portraits. I tried my best to get a picture of the bride and groom with Wakefield Town Hall Tower in the background

Town Hall Wakefield

The wedding service was at Wakefield Town Hall, this was the first time I had photographed a wedding there and I have to say it was perfect for Debbie’s and Marks Wedding, the natural light that shone through the town halls big gothic windows made the wedding feel angelic and that extra special!!

I really enjoyed shooting your wedding Mr & Mrs Downing, thank you and Congratulations! I hope you enjoy this little preview of your Wedding x



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