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Beautiful Bunny Hill wedding - East Yorkshire

Yorkshire wedding photographer wedding photography in west yorkshire

Bridal Preparations in the Bunny Hill Bridal Suite

Bunny Hill Weddings in East Yorkshire is a venue designed to make your big day as seamless and stress-free as possible. As a local Yorkshire wedding photographer, I was delighted to capture Mrs Newsom’s wedding at Bunny Hill Weddings. My morning started with capturing the bridal and groom preparations. The bridesmaids were getting ready in the Bridal Suite, which was bright and airy, providing ample space for everyone to get ready comfortably. It also allowed plenty of room for me and the videographer, Oliver, to capture beautiful footage of the preparations.

posed group shot on the bed featuring all the bridesmaids and bride

Wedding service In the Barn 

Next, we stepped into The Barn at Bunny Hill Weddings the barn is surrounded by natural light and exquisite decor, This is where Mr & Mrs Newsom exchanged their vows, surrounded by the rustic beauty of East Yorkshire. The Barn is a versatile space, perfectly suited for both intimate wedding ceremonies and grand receptions. Its two sections offer couples the flexibility to create the wedding of their dreams. It’s no wonder The Barn is a popular choice for couples seeking a wedding venue that’s as enchanting as their love story.

ring exchange image
Bride and Groom signing register - bunny hill weddings,east yorkshire

Amazing location for bride and groom photoshoots

As a wedding photographer, I was overjoyed by the plethora of picturesque locations available for the bride and groom’s photoshoot at Bunny Hill Weddings. From the stunning woodland patch and the charming orchard to the breathtaking farmland surrounding the venue, the options were truly endless. My videographer partner, Oliver, and I were particularly enchanted by the fairy lights hanging from the trees in the woodland patch. This location reminded me of my favorite go-to spot for engagement shoots in Wakefield, the idyllic Newmillerdam. The woodland patch is just a short walk from The Barn and offers a truly magical setting for couples’ wedding photos.”

This edited version aims to convey the same information as the original but in a more polished and engaging style. It uses more vivid language and descriptive adjectives to create a sense of enchantment and excitement about the different locations available for wedding photoshoots at Bunny Hill Weddings.

One of the main locations is a woodland patch. It’s just a short walk from the Barn. Honestly, The woods are very picturesque, with fairy lights hanging in the trees. Me and Oliver, the videographer, loved this location. It reminded me of my favorited go to location in Wakefield for my engagement shoots, Newmillerdam.

Fireworks and sparklers to end the night.....

Finally, Mr & Mrs Newsom’s perfect wedding day ended with a spectacular fireworks display that left guests in awe. Bunny Hill Weddings is truly a magical venue that offers everything you need to make your day unforgettable.


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