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How to book and find your dream wedding photographer

Hi Nicholas here, just so you know I am a professional wedding photographer of 5 years,  here are some useful tips on booking a wedding photographer in 2021


Finding and booking a wedding photographer can be tricky without having to navigate around the big C word. Unfortunately the pandemic has meant that lots of weddings, at least here in the UK, got postponed for a year.


So this means that most wedding photographers will be booked up and busy for the next two years. BUT PLEASE don’t worry!  like me, most wedding photographers will be dreaming about dusting their cameras off, getting their batteries charged, and getting out there and creating beautiful images again.


So here are a few tips on how to find your ideal wedding photographer and maybe some of these tips will help you.

1. Do Some Research  

Start by finding a style of wedding photography you really like. Each wedding photographer has their own style, for instance, my style is very cinematic. I mix posed shots with candid’s and I love black and whites and the dreamy bright and airy look. My aim is to create masterpieces to display in your home, not just pictures to keep in a book or on a USB but art for you to be cherished of forever! 

A good way to find the style you like is to use social media.  Instagram and Pinterest are good places to start.

2.Find a Wedding Photography Style You Love

Once you have found a style you like, start searching the internet and look at your local photographers’ websites.

Look at their portfolios and see if you can imagine yourself in the images. 
If you cannot imagine yourself in any of the images on the photographer’s website from experience, it is important to note that you may be looking at the wrong photographer. 


Some Wedding photographers specialise in candids they are called documentary photographers.

They won’t ever get you to pose and most of the time they only use natural light (no flash work) this could be an issue on dark days like in the winter or on a rainy day or a dark wedding venue.  


Some photographer styles can be very flamboyant, they will help you into poses you never fought you could do! If you’re a shy couple this may not be for you either.


My personal style is a mix of everything. I love taking candids and I love taking posed images. 

If the weather is bad, I can always rely on my flashes to make even a rainy day look fabulous. 


Here are of the main niche styles in the UK are……. 

3. Work out your Budget 

This one could be controversial, and may get me into trouble! I feel photography should be one of your big-budget considerations! 
Once your wedding is over and the cake has been eaten and the flowers have died, the only thing you will have to remember about your wedding day will be the fantastic images your photographer has captured for you! 
This is why I would put photography near the top of the list on your budget, after all, it’s the only thing you will really have left after the cake has been eaten and the wine has been drunk!

4. DON’T take a chance 

Please don’t take a chance on your uncle who has a camera to photograph your wedding (unless he is a pro photographer) or rely on your friend’s camera phone images! Or put disposables on your guest’s tables and expect to end up with nothing more than your drunk mates taking a selfie. 
I hear so many horror stories from brides and grooms that have taken this huge chance. It ended up with nothing more than a few blurry images.

5. When to take a chance!

Take a chance on young or up-and-coming photographers remember that for every £3,000 a wedding photographer had to start somewhere. 
Picasso started out drawing doodles for payment for things like bread and food. If you do your research you may find a Picasso at the beginning of his/her career! 

6. Booking 

Once you have found the photographer of your dreams! Drop them an email as soon as possible, the dates are very competitive so it’s best to just let the photographer know that you’re interested in booking them. They will pencil you in while you get your deposit sorted or your dates clarified.
The next step would be to arrange a meeting or at the very least have a nice chat on the phone. 
I personally like to meet my clients face to face. This lets me understand what you’re all about as a couple and talk about your dream wedding in more detail, it also lets the couple meet me and see that I am easy to get along with.

What does Nicholas Think?

I hope you found this article helpful, I think the main takeaway from this article is to talk to a lot of photographers and see what they like and see if you get along.

If you would like to contact me and check a date please click this link to send me a message, cheers Nicholas 

Official photograph of wedding photographer Nicholas Teal