Nicholas Teal is a British contemporary Photographer. Born and bred in the former Yorkshire Mining Town of Wakefield.

His passion for photography came to fruition from an early age, and for the last five years, he has focused entirely on creating a brand and business doing something he enjoys. Having spent most of his career working within the manufacturing industry, he gave it all up to focus on his passion for all things Photography. Nick truly believes in capturing the story behind the image and when asked which type of photography he enjoys the most, he simply responded with ALL.

His work has reached out to the far corners of the world with social media followers as far as Australia and many Local Yorkshire based companies and businesses displaying his work.

A firm believer in supporting local businesses Nick has spent time offering his help to expand their online and local persona through all forms of media, assistance with product shots and other requirements. He is currently Kippax Willow Limited world famous Yorkshire Based Cricket Manufactures Photography And Media Guy working there Youtube videos and Product Photography

Some Fun Facts about Nick

  • Nick is an avid Yorkshire Tea Drinker, Rugby League fan (WAKEFIELD TRINITY) and Hat enthusiast.
  • Favourite Camera- NIKON D700 (His first ever professional camera)
  • Nick Was in the Scouts as a child and as a teenager, he climbed all the main mountains in Britain, he was lucky enough to travel the world while in the scouts! This is also where he found his love for the outdoors!
  • Nick believes that Photography should be fun!
  • His first digital camera was a kodak point and shoot his parents bought for his 16th Birthday it rocked a 4mb SD card!
  • Nick was a Manufacturing Engineer for many years before giving it up to focus on photography
  • Nick is a Dad, His son features in a lot of nicks Instagram pictures, and some of these pictures have been sold for advertising!
  • Nicks Big love after Photography is Music, he enjoys live music often going to gigs and festivals!
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