Nicholas Teal is a British contemporary Weddingย  Photographer. Born and bred in the Yorkshire town of Wakefield.


His Goals

Nicholas believes that beautiful photography should be accessible to everyone, no matter what shape, age, gender, or confidence level.

Nicholas has strived to create an identity and brand, his ideals are simple, to focus on creating photography that features timeless styles with a modern edge. Wedding photography that is not overly posed or overdone!

He also realized early on that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera, so he works hard on forming bonds with people before he even thinks about taking pictures.

His goal is to create a brand that features beautiful creative and stylish photography that delivers on both luxury and affordability and remains accessible to everyone.

Life and Passions

Nicholas is a proud father! His son Charlie features in many of Nicholas social media posts.

They enjoy hiking and generally having outdoor adventures together.

Nicholas other passions include music, he loves going to gigs and festivals! he was a regular at Leeds festival for many years in a row.

How It All Started

His passion for photography came to fruition from an early age, and for the last six years, he has focused entirely on creating a brand and business doing something he enjoys. Having spent most of his career working within the manufacturing industry, he gave it all up to focus on his passion for all things Photography. Nick truly believes in capturing the story behind the image.

Working as a commercial photographer

His work has reached to the far corners of the world, working as aย  commission-based photographer before concentrating solely on Weddings.

Some of his most noteworthy achievements have been shooting album art for the folk band The Paul Murfin Bands.

As well as creating content for Yorkshire based cricket bat manufacturer KIPPAX WILLOW LTD In both photography and video. Nicholas has helped bring there digital presence to another level they have now achieve over one million views on YouTube working together!

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