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“We met Nicholas and our wedding was complete”

I was once a guest at a wedding… 

 Before I even dreamed of becoming a wedding photographer…. I was a guest at a family members wedding, and the wedding photographer on that day changed my life forever… 



How did he change my life forever, I hear you ask?

Well, I remember being ushered into multiple group shots and not knowing what to do with my hands or what was going on. I remember feeling awkward and camera shy, and because the photographer didn’t give us any guidance, he didn’t even speak to us. So the awkwardness grew and grew… not the best look to have in photographs.


Somehow the photographer expected us to know what to do and how to look…..

This changed my life forever. Once I knew I wanted to follow my dream and become a photographer, my mission was born!

My mission is to ensure everyone I photograph feels at ease before taking any pictures... To make sure everyone knows what they are doing and to do Wedding photography in a fun, non-awkward way! And to create amazing photography that you will cherish.

I have hobbies…..

Let there be music……..

I love all types of music, and It’s one of the best bits of the job when my couples have a band or a musician playing at their weddings. Or that moment when the DJ plays a classic, and everyone gets up for a dance. Priceless moments…

I do everything to music, edit your wedding images to music; everything is better with a soundtrack, I feel!
For many years in a row, you could find me at Leeds Festival….. over the years, I saw some fantastic acts, but one of the favorite bands I have seen at Leeds Festival was the Strokes and Pulp oh and Arcade Fire. Honestly, I could go on and on…

When I am not Photographing Weddings….

I love watching sports…. Rugby and Football and my favorites; I am a big Wakefield Trinity fan and a Leeds United fan.

I also love love love the outdoors, and to be honest; I don’t get out and about enough. I love going walking in Yorkshire Dales! As a kid, I was in the Scouts; that’s where I found my love of the outdoors.

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My little man

I am a proud father! Charlie, My son, features in many of my social media posts. We love going on adventures.


The best way to get to know each other is over a cuppa!

If you are unsure if I am the photographer for you, let's have a zoom chat, I would love to hear all about your wedding plans.




22, Moor Avenue, Stanley, Wakefield



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