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5 Tips For Perfect Bridal Preparation

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Bridal preparations should be a lovely time and they don’t and shouldn’t be stressful.

Using these 5 tips you will have the best and smoothest bridal preparations that will set you up for the most amazing wedding day experience!

1, Use your space wisely!

Use your space wisely. If you’re cramped in a small hotel room with your bridal party, consider getting another room to give everyone some breathing room. You can designate one room for hair and another for makeup, or divide the space in a way that works best for your group.

Look for rooms with natural light. This will make it easier for your hair and makeup team to work, and it will also create a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Consider the layout of the space. Make sure you have enough chairs and mirrors for everyone and arrange the furniture in a way that allows everyone to move around easily.

2, Bring some Music!

Create a Spotify playlist with your favourite songs. You can also ask your bridal party to choose songs that remind them of you or that have special meaning to them. This will create a personalized and fun soundtrack for your preparations.

Use a small Bluetooth speaker. This will allow you to play your music without having to rely on the hotel’s TV or radio. It will also make it easy to move the speaker around and control the volume.

Avoid using the TV or radio. The TV can be distracting and the radio may not always play music that fits the mood. By using a Bluetooth speaker, you can ensure that the music you play is tailored to your preferences.

3, Put everything you want me to photograph together

Gather all your wedding day essentials in one place. This includes your dress, shoes, jewellery, perfume, and any other items you want to be photographed. Having everything in one place will make it easier for your photographer to access and photograph everything.

Choose a convenient location. Make sure the location you choose is easily accessible and has enough space for your photographer to move around and take photos.

Lay everything out neatly. Arrange your dress and accessories in a way that looks visually appealing and makes it easy for your photographer to see and photograph everything.

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4, Kids and Gentlemen

I know this one is a little bit hypocritical, but if you or your bridesmaids have kids try and make sure someone else is looking after them, at least till closer to bridal prep finishing time.

I have seen bridesmaids miss getting their hair done because they had their kids to look after while trying to get ready for the wedding.

Also if the husband or boyfriend of one of the bridesmaids is at the wedding, give him some money to buy a newspaper or a few drinks at the bar, he does not have to be sat in bridal preparations you would think I am joking but I have seen this happen loads of times now.

As a male, I try my best to give you and your girls lots of time to get ready in peace, But lots of times I have seen someone’s boyfriend sit in the bridal preparations killing the buzz remember that not every bridesmaid will know your boyfriend/husband

So send him to the bar to read the news paper somewhere, trust me you will be doing him a favour!


5, Whatever time you think your need add +1 hour

No one ever has said getting ready too early is a problem, in fact, if you want a chilled-out wedding, one of the best ways to do this is to get ready earlier than you think you need to.

Add an extra hour to the time you were thinking is my killer tip!

With the extra time, you may get once you are ready you could get some more pictures