We are Wizards at restoring old Photographs and Even fixing new Photographs

At Nicholas Teal Photography we are happy to help you make that special photograph even more special! Is there something in the picture that you want removing? Like the car or the people in the examples bellow we can remove them for you.
We can even repair and restore your old photographs too, why not give that photograph you love a new lease of live!

  • We can repair/remove
  • • Water damage
  • • Fading shrinking
  • • Scratchers/dust
  • • Lens flare
  • • Remove unwanted people object
  • • We can even add people to a photograph
  • • Rips scratchers even put photographs tougher the maybe in pieces

Removed car

Example of a car we removed for a client

As you can see from the image above , almost anything can be removed from a photograph.

Sometimes, you take a photo and it becomes one of your favourites, but it’s not the perfect photograph it could be. Maybe there is something/some one in the background that stops that picture from being perfect? We can remove that for you.

Before we Removed the people

Example with the people in the back ground